Welcome to Maryhill Clayworks Studio / Store. Assembled here are my best designs. I hand make each piece in my Freeville, NY studio in the Finger Lakes region. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Boston University in 1985 and worked as a portrait sculptor for a monument company in Barre, VT and as a designer for the MacKenzie-Childs pottery company in Aurora, NY. 

My purpose is to create beautiful and joyful things for you to use. All the best to you. Jacques Schickel 

It's now a classic ! In 2003, I was designing product for MacKenzie-Childs when I visited a friend’s studio, it was there I made the first Smiley Bowl. After that I decided to start my own pottery and moved into my brother’s empty studio next door. I’m now located in Freeville, NY.
It’s the bowl that launched my business. I still have the original and it still makes me happy.

The Cheerful Vase 

 the smile catcher 


The Ultimate Spring Vase

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Fruit Compote

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Abe Lincoln bronze

This is a Bronze 4' Relief of Abraham Lincoln Reading to his son.

Commissioned by the Dryden Southworth Library, Dryden, NY.

Limited edition of 5 Bronzes.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the bronze casts in the edition please email by going to the contact page. 

All works are made and signed by me and only me in my Freeville, NY Studio

"This is the sweetest thing I have ever ever seen ! 

Much love to you, Jacques."

 -Victoria Mackenzie-Childs

Baby's Bunny Bowl 


Your bowl is being adored in Vermont, your whispering rabbit is being cherished in D.C., and your fish is delighting my mother in Pleasantville. Thank you, thank you! - Betsy"

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To inquire about commissioning a work of pottery or sculpture please  contact me. I'm easy to talk to. - Jacques 

"The mugs arrived yesterday and they are just perfect ! I really love them ! -

Thank you and Merry Christmas," Laurie